What Are Macros?

There are 4 main categories.


Which are measured in grams, and provide a caloric value.

🔘Carbs 1g = 4 calories 🍓🍞🍠🥕🍙
Fruits, Whole Grains, Potatoes, Vegetables, Added Sugars.

🔘Protein 1g = 4 calories 🍗🍤🍳🥚
Meats, Seafood, Dairy, Fish, Whey Protein.

🔘Fats 1g = 9 calories 🍾🥜🥑
Oils, Nuts, Seeds, Avocados

🔘Alcohol 1g = 7 calories 🍺🍸🍷
Beer, Cocktails, Wine.

All three nutrients are important for over all bodily functions. And survival. How much of each? That will depend differently per individual. Based on goals, limitations, lifestyle and nutritional profile.

How we determine a clients daily macro requirements. I like to use the Harris Benedict Equation to help determine a good estimate of my clients TDEE. (Total Daily Energy Expenditure). Once that is determined, then based on goals either subtract or add 300 to 500 Calories. Then first decide on protein intake/calories %. Then break the rest of the calories into fats and carbs. Depending on individuals body type, goals and lifestyle will determine their specific break down. As I don’t just focus on certain %’s for every single person. Because we are unique and have our own nutritional profiles. More info click the ONLINE COACHING tab.

-Coach Dustin