Initial Term and Renewal. The initial term of this Agreement shall be for a period 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 16 weeks, 24 weeks, or 52 weeks (depending on the option period you choose), commencing on the Effective Date (the “Initial Term”), unless terminated earlier.  There are NO Refunds once the plan has commenced, and you agree and follow the Online Coaching Expectations as outlined below.   This Agreement can be renewed at the end of the Initial Term period, and you will be notified by email to have the option to renew the same plan or change to another plan that we offer.  If you choose to renew or change plans, you will be invoiced at that time for the new plan and plan Term.  There are NO refunds. You have hired us to help you, so effort needs to be made on your part 100%.

Online Coaching Expectations

  1. You will be expected to check in via email with us when noted on plan for your weekly or bi-weekly accountability check ins. At each check in you are to send us updated progress photos (front view, both side views and back view) along with your current morning weight at the time and a filled-out Macro Tracker Spread Sheet (which we will provide at the start of your plan,
  2. With each weekly or biweekly check in as noted on your plan. You will receive weekly or Biweekly updates, nutrition and or training adjustments as needed based on progression by the end of the business day or within a 24-hour period.
  3. You will have access to us via email or txt to ask questions anytime in between your scheduled weekly or bi-weekly check ins. We are also available via phone, face time, zoom, or a Skype.
  4. You are expected to follow plan(s) to a T each week.