How To Track Alcohol!

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For those who like to drink here and there. Not that I suggest especially for those trying to lose weight/fat. But I know some like to incorporate it with in your daily lifestyle and the holiday weekend. So here is how you track Alcohol.

Calculating Macros:
1g carb = 4 calories
1g protein = 4 calories
1g fat = 9 calories

1g alcohol = 7 calories

Now Alcohol is not required for survival so not consider a main macro nutrient that is required each day but does provide calories. That have to be accounted for. Generally towards daily fats or carbs. I personally recommend just using them towards daily carbs. But I’ll give you both examples.

So let’s say we have an alcoholic beverage that is 180 calories. 0g Fats 1g Carb 0g Protein.

Example for Fats:
1g carb = 4 calories so that leaves 176 calories which are alcohol calories.

So since 1g Fat = 9 calories

176 divided by 9 = 19.5g Fats

So this drinks macros are:
19.5g Fats 1g Carb 0g Protein

Example for Carbs:
So we have 180 calories divided by 4 (since 1g carb = 4 calories) = 45

So this drink is worth 0g fats 45g carbs 0g Protein.

So personally I think it’s easier to just convert it to carbs only.

Hope this helps and please feel free share.

-Coach Dustin