Q: What’s a Flexible Dieting Plan?

A: This is where you would track your macros from the foods of your personal preference. This gives a more flexible approach for long term sustainability. So no set daily meal plan.

Q: What’s a Custom Meal Plan?

A: A set daily Meal Plan you would follow each day. Designed around your daily macro nutrient requirements. But no flexibility. A more restricted approach. Great for those who have never worked with a Nutrition Coach before or just somebody who wants to be told what to eat each day.

Q: How does your Coaching work?

A: Once you have joined and we have sent you your plans. We will do weekly check ins via email. You will be expected to send current progress photos. A copy of a filled out Macro Tracker Spread Sheet. A short bio-feed back on how your week went and how you felt energy and hunger wise. Then through out the week in between weekly check ins you are welcome to reach out with any questions via txt, email or phone call. Then based on the weekly check in info. We make the necessary nutrition and or training adjustments

Q: What are your rates for Contest Prep?

A: We like to talk with you prior to make sure it’s a great fit for you and us. So book a call for a FREE Consultation.

Q: How do we cancel our subscription?

A: To cancel your subscription you need to cancel 30 days prior to last billing. As once Initial term ends (16, 24 or 52 weeks) it will automatically go to a month to month rate.

Q: Do you offer one on one personal training?

A: Yes, we do locally.   Contact us for  FREE consultation.

Q: Do you offer just Online Training?

A: No we do not. As we feel Nutrition is the driving force to getting optimal results. Regardless if your goals are for aesthetics or for strength and performance.

Q: Do you supply supplements?

A: No we do not directly. We thrive on the importance of proper nutrition and quality exercise. But do give recommendations per individuals goals and needs.

Q: Do you create in home workout programs?

A: Yes we offer Gym or In Home Workout programs.