Ab Wheel Rollouts great exercise that targets you rectus abdominal muscles. Besides Cable Kneeling Crunches. This is one of our favorite exercises for targeting Abs without doing any major compound movements. ❌Head Up ❌Arched Back ❌No neutral spine ✅Head down ✅Flat Back ✅Neutral Spine 1.) Hold the Ab Roller with both hands and kneel on

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❌ Expectations vs ✅ Reality.. Weight Loss, Fat Loss is not an over night sensation. There will be Ups and Downs especially if you are a female. So stay consistent, have patience and give it time. What it all takes: ✅Consistency 🔑 ✅Patience 🌱 ✅Time ⏱ ✅Bad ass attitude 😎 ✅Lifting Heavy Weights 🏋🏾‍♀️ ✅Eating

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1802012 Back, Biceps (Strength Endurance) Workout Phase 2 Strength Endurance Week 3: Strength Endurance Workouts are designed to help improve endurance and help build lean muscle. This style of workout consists of a superset of similar motions performed with a strength and a stability exercise variation executed one right after the other. No matter what

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180211 Shoulders & ABs (Strength Endurance) Phase 2 Strength Endurance Week 3 Please review and let me know if you have any questions. No matter what exercise you are doing the KEY things you should be thinking about are…. 1. Keeping your core tight. 2. Shoulders DOWN and Back 3. Back flat/spine neutral unless otherwise

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