CARBOHYDRATES -Carbs can help boost your mood. Carbs promote the production of serotonin, a feel-good brain chemical. -Carbs can help prevent weight gain—and even promote weight loss. Many carbohydrates contain dietary fiber, which is actually an indigestible complex carbohydrate. -Carbs are good for your heart. Increasing your soluble-fiber intake (a type of fiber found in

Late night macro tracking tip!

You wake up bright and early. Drink your water and fix your breakfast. As we all know tracking first thing in the morning can be like a kid at the candy store. Pretty much anything will fit…..ha ha unless you are on poverty (low) Macros 😢. Now you are off and on about your day.

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Dead Lifts

Proper Alignment should be first priority.  1.) The Bar must be placed over the middle of the foot. 2.) The Arms must be locked into extension. 3.) The back must be held in rigid extension. A slight thoracic rounding is acceptable as long as you can maintain overall tightness. 4.) The Shoulders (scapulae) must be

Client Spotlight Lacey Salas

Macros Coach, LLC client Lacey has been working with us since January 5, 2017. She originally signed up for just 8 weeks. Then got her husband to join and both have been working with us since. Lacey had a super busy business schedule, loves to travel and loves the out doors. As you can see