Dustin M. Rhoads has been involved with the Health and Fitness industry for the past 14 + years. He is a Certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, Certified USA Powerlifting Club Coach, Certified Naturally Fit Federation Bodybuilding Judge, and Natural Fit Federation (NFF) Pro Physique Bodybuilder. In June 2008, he first started his fitness career at LA Fitness, Inc. and eventually became the Fitness Director for LA Fitness in Euless, TX. Since 2009 he has been independent and full time Online Coaching since 2015. Dustin continues to educate himself through his own research and personal development.

Dustin M. Rhoads experience with Flexible Dieting, Reverse Dieting Metabolism nutritional building approach has helped him and his clientele reach their goals while maintaining quality of life. He also specializes in competition prep for all categories. Dustin M. Rhoads has been involved with exercise and sports all his life, has competed in 27 Men's Physique competitions; and about 18 years ago he fell in love with fitness and has decided to pass this passion on to others by leading, and educating everyone towards a healthier lifestyle through Macros Coach LLC.

A few things Dustin M. Rhoads brings to the table: Trust, Honesty, Desire, Dedication, Discipline, A Drive beyond Infinite Possibilities, Passion and Hard Work!!!
Dustin M. Rhoads Health Fitness Philosophy: Eat more exercise less! Proper Nutrition and an Adequate Optimum Performance Training Program all designed by Dustin M. Rhoads.
Favorite Quote's: "All I can do is my BEST and let God handle the rest."
"Success can happen to anybody; it just starts with the right Attitude."

My Competition History:

April 2011: The Deep South by REAL
Crossfit Games Open 2011
June 2011: NPC Lone Star Classic
July 2011: NPC Branch Warren Classic
July 2011: NPC Branch Warren Classic
August 2011: NPC Dallas Europa Supershow
August 2011: NPC Dallas Europa Supershow
August 2011: ON Lonestar by REAL
Crossfit Games Open 2012
August 2012: NPC Dallas Europa
September 2012: IFBB North American Championships
Crossfit Games Open 2013
March 16, 2013: NPC Phil Heath Classic
April 13, 2013: NPC Shredder Classic
March 2014: NPC Phil Heath Classic
May 2014: NPC Junior USA Championships
December 2014: NPC North Texas Fit Expo
March 2015: Amateur Arnold Classic-Ohio
March 2015: NPC Phil Heath Classic
April 2015: NPC LA Grande Prix
April 2015: NPC Betterbodies Championships
May 2015: NPC Pittsburgh Championships
June 2015: NFF South Western Natural
Championships (Won Over All and NFF PRO CARD)
September 2015: NFF Pro Poseidon Classic (pro debut)
October 2015: WBFF Oklahoma
June 2017: NFF Naturally Fit Games Pro Super Show
July 2019: NFF Pro Super Show
September 2019: NFF Pro Poseidon Classic
October 2019: PNBA Dallas Cup