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Client Spotlight Lacey Salas

macro Coaching

Macros Coach, LLC client Lacey has been working with us since January 5, 2017.

She originally signed up for just 8 weeks. Then got her husband to join and both have been working with us since.

Lacey had a super busy business schedule, loves to travel and loves the out doors.

As you can see she has maintained basically same weight but has added lean muscle while dropping some body fat.

When you are consistent you get consistent results.

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Benefits Of Yoga

Here are some of the benefits: – Increased flexibility

– Increased muscle strength

– Improved respiration, energy and vitality

– Maintaining a balanced metabolism

– Help with weight loss

– Cardio and circulatory health

– Improved athletic performance

– Strengthen Connective Tissues

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Weight loss

6 Reasons Why You Might Not Be Losing Weight

Weight loss

1.) Stress management is part of a healthy lifestyle. As we all deal with stress but the key is to learn how to manage it as extra stress can lead or cause weight gain.

2.) You could be building muscle which can cause weight to stay or even go up. But doesn’t mean you added body fat.

3.) Getting proper rest each night is key factor to recovery and weight/fat loss goals.

4.) Just because it fits within your daily macronutrient requirements doesn’t always mean it’s what’s best for our bodies based on goals and personal limitations. So be mindful of what you’re eating.

5.) Not tracking correctly, not measuring and estimating can cause your daily macros to be off without even realizing it.

6.) Consistency is the key and without being consistent there will never be any consistent results.

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